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Paints and Thinners

We at Tominna deal in a large range of Paints / coatings for the construction industry. We cater to the requirements of a wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial grade construction projects. We procure some of the best products from leading manufacturers around the world, thus ensuring that our client have access to some of the best quality paints and thinners from around the globe. We also deal in a variety of wood stains and wood protection products, thus catering to the various wood works and joinery industries in the country as well. Some of our most popular brands of products are as follows-

  • Ronseal
  • Akzo Nobel
  • Legend Paints
  • Wellcoat Paints
  • General Paints, Auto Refinish


A Sherwin Williams group company from UK, Ronseal offers a wide range of specially designed paints that are widely used by both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. More on www.ronseal.co.uk Ronseal also produces a variety of paints and coatings for interior furniture. These water based and solvent based coatings provide and added protective layer to the wood furniture. Some of the products form Ronseal we deal in includes-

  • 5 Year Wood StainThis water based coating is suitable for all kinds of exterior garden furniture, pergola, fence and other wood works that are installed outdoors.
  • Total Wood PreserverThis wood protection coating is used to protect wood from rot, decay and disfiguration from fungus and other harmful infestation.
  • One stop paint for Tile & MDF Fixing faulty wall tiles/ MFD boards can result in unexpected surprises in the form of cracks, mould ,etc. With the right paint and coating from Ronseal, you can fix these blemishes to repair of tile and MDF surfaces
  • No Rust Ready to apply metal paints that can be directly used on even mildly rusted exterior surface such as wrought iron doors, fixtures and handrails. Now available in smooth and hammered finishes.
  • Heavy Traffic Floor Paints These paints are specially designed for all kinds of wooden floors. They come in two forms- ready to use and the 2 pack version, both suitable for floor with heavy foot traffic.

Akzo Nobel

This is a distinctive range of decorative paints manufactured by the brand Sadolin Paints (www.sadolinoman.com). We have on offer a wide range of Interior / Exterior Emulsion paints, paints for metal application and special high quality solutions for your doors and furniture. From protecting your villas to beautifying your workplace, we have something for all your painting needs.

  • 88 Plus Emulsion This premium emulsion paint is suitable for both interior and exterior walls.
  • 77 Plus Emulsion Like its 88 Plus counterpart, this one too is an interior- exterior emulsion, but it’s more economical.
  • Sadolin Matt & Silk Paint This range of wall paints offer the optimal value for money, and choose from a matt finish or a silky smooth finish for your walls.
  • Sadolin Velvet Touch A premium washable wall finish that has anti fungal properties and offers a super soft, velvet touch finish for your walls.
  • Wood finish range Sadolin also has a wide range of excellent wood finish coating that can be used on all kinds of indoor and outdoor furniture.
  • NC Sealers, Primers, Clear topcoats and Pigmented NC finish in various gloss levels
  • PU Sealers, Primers, Clear and pigmented top coats in various gloss levels
  • Universal Dye stains, Concentrated wood stains for Indoor,
  • Fire retardant systems Sadolin’s fire retardant system gives your wood furniture and furnishings an added layer of protection from fire.
  • Sadolin Classic The range of classic wood treatment products that gives your wood furnitures an unmatched sheen and protection from light, fungus and other unsavoury furnishing.

Legend Paints

Legend Paints manufactures high quality paints and coatings for walls, automobile ,furniture etc. This new flagship of Dawani Group Holding is all set to foray into the professional paint markets and hopes to give a stiff competition to the big weights of the industry.

Wellcoat Paints

The products from Wellcoat Paints has been among the top favourite among construction companies and interior designers in Bahrain, and are used extensively for doors, furniture and other wood furnishings. For more information, visit here- www.wellcoatpaints.com

A complete range of their products we deal in includes-

  • NC Sealers and NC Clear top coats in 5, 10, 30, 90 gloss levels
  • NC Primer and Pigmented topcoat in select shades and 10, 30, 90 Gloss . Call us for available options.
  • 2 pack PU Sealer and topcoat for indoors in 10, 30, 90 gloss levels
  • 2 pack PU Primers and pigmented topcoats for indoors-10, 30 & high gloss options
  • 2 Pack Acrylic coatings for non yellowing property and also for exterior application- various gloss levels
  • Max wood universal stains for in doors
  • Maxi wood protective stain for outdoor
  • Primers for metal- Red Oxide, Zinc Phosphate & Zinc Chromate
  • Maxi Gloss Enamel paints in various Colours
  • Thinner for NC, PU, Epoxy, Acrylic paint and General purpose cleaning.

General Paints, Auto Refinish

General Pint Co. is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of automotive paints and associated coating in the world. You can choose from a wide variety of exquisite and reliable paints that will give your automobile a refreshing new look. Official website: www.generalpaint.biz

Their paints on offer at Tominna Trading WLL includes, but not limited to-

  • Universal Primer surface, NC Primer Surfacer, 2K Primer Surfacer
  • A wide choice of clear coats, based on surface performance and varying drying speeds.
  • 2K finishes in Solid colours, Metallic colours and Pearlescent finishes
  • GENVAL – Synthetic enamel that offers an alkyd finish for heavy body automobiles
  • GENROCK- 2K Paint for auto refinish including metallic options
  • GENBASE- Auto Base paint with pigmented and metallic options
  • Thinners for Acrylic and 2K finishes